About Us

We were looking for a real crisp and sharp taste. With that mindset, we started Gintique. Gin has been around for hundreds of years. Many people see gin as a typical English drink, but that’s actually not true. Gin is a variant of the Dutch jenever. It has the roots of a Dutch distillate. This strong drink has the origins in 1689. The same drink has remained nearly the same. Where is that real fresh and crisp flavor?

There are a lot of gin brands: I wont deny that. But according to me and my team something was missing. We need more spices and beter ingredients. Then we started our brand.

During the search for better ingredients, we noticed that the best ingredients are still missing. Basically, you do not need a lot for a drink: it is a blend of botanicals and pure alcohol. With the right mix of botanicals the drink is much better.

In December 2017 we were proud to announce our second gin: Gintique® Royal Strawberry. This gin is made with delicious, fresh strawberries. This delicious gin is a true sensation until the last drink.

In July 2018 we are again proud to announce our newest gin: Gintique Tropical Spiced Gin is a traditional Feel Good gin with fresh mango and passion fruit, matured in the Caribbean sun. The natural aroma of these tropical fruits seduce your senses with an overwhelming sweet and exotic scent.